My route into commentary isn’t the usual story of ex-player-turned-pundit but instead something, frankly, dreams are made of.

Where it started

A life-long cricket obsessive with a background in internet start-ups and a belief in the democratisation of the media, I created Test Match Sofa, my own online cricket show in 2009 that attracted a global audience of 50,000 at its peak. You might call it a story of disruption. I saw it more as an innovative homage to Test Match Special, albeit with a style tailored to a distinctly different audience.

Test Match Special

The lure of working on the world’s most iconic and best-loved sports radio programme was ultimately irresistible and I began freelance commentary for the BBC in 2014. I made my men’s Test match debut on TMS in 2016. I will be commentating on 4 of the 5 Ashes Tests in 2017/18.

“Priceless at cocktail parties”

I attended, rather than studied at, Dulwich College in London. My favourite memory is a school report that read: “Daniel may never reach his true potential but will be priceless at cocktail parties”. So far this quality seems to have served me better than the Classics degree from Oxford I picked up later.


I’m am an passionate fan of Surrey CCC and President of the Alleyn Cricket Club, my school old boys’ team, with the scars to prove both. I am also an active member of the Lords Taverners. 

Cricket aside, I have also appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my own comedy panel show, The Birthday Game.

I am on the editorial board for the relaunched Wisden Cricket Monthly.

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